It’s in the best interest of parents to leave curriculum decisions to teachers

By Ryan Rarick Originally published as a Letter to the Editor by the St. George News, February 2022 OPINION — The 2022 session of the Utah Legislature kicked off in the middle of January. Amid the multitude of tasks the legislature hopes to accomplish before adjourning in March are a variety of education bills. TwoContinue reading “It’s in the best interest of parents to leave curriculum decisions to teachers”

What does student learning look like in your classroom?

By Kayla Towner Published by the USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team, January 2022 The moment I moved from being a second-grade teacher to a fifth-grade teacher, I fell in love with the power of technology in the classroom. After completing a professional development opportunity with Microsoft Education, I jumped in with both feet toContinue reading “What does student learning look like in your classroom?”

Utah Teacher License Requirements

There has been a lot of changes and discussion around the teacher licensing requirements in Utah. It has been a hot topic with many opinions coming from teachers, administrators, and policy makers. The state is opening up this highly debated issue for public feedback. If you have ideas about the teaching licensing requirements in Utah,Continue reading “Utah Teacher License Requirements”

USBE: Education-Related Bills

We have a very supportive state at the Utah State Board of Education, who are interested in teacher feedback on education issues. As a Special Educator in this state, I have had the privilege of working  with Glenna Gallo, the State Director of Special Education. She is so great at making sure special education teachersContinue reading “USBE: Education-Related Bills”

The USOE is Now the USBE

As all teachers know, there are many education acronyms. In order to talk to talk, it’s important to keep up with the professional lingo. The most recent change in terminology comes straight from the State. The Utah State Office of Education, also known as USOE, has officially changed its name to…drum-roll please…. the Utah StateContinue reading “The USOE is Now the USBE”