What does student learning look like in your classroom?

By Kayla Towner Published by the USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team, January 2022 The moment I moved from being a second-grade teacher to a fifth-grade teacher, I fell in love with the power of technology in the classroom. After completing a professional development opportunity with Microsoft Education, I jumped in with both feet toContinue reading “What does student learning look like in your classroom?”

A Teacher Lost in the Dust

By Natalie Johnson, Monument Valley High School – Navajo Nation Published by The Educator’s Room, January 2022 I am sitting in the back of the school bus. Waves rock my body as we navigate the red sandy-washed roads. I’ve been riding in traditional yellow buses just about my whole life as a student, teacher, andContinue reading “A Teacher Lost in the Dust”

Education and the Chocolate Factory

Utah Teacher Fellow, Deborah Gatrell recently shared her thoughts on the pressures of public school teachers r on the Hope Street Group Medium blog.  Read a snippet here or check out the HSG blog for the full article. Pressure on public school teachers resembles the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy and Ethel are workingContinue reading “Education and the Chocolate Factory”

It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: John Carlisle Edition

I had the pleasure of meeting John Carlise at #ECET2SLC. He was nominated as a teacher leader in our wonderful state of Utah. John had some great insight during our Nebo/Provo colleague circle. Here is a little more about Mr. Carlise: Where did you do your teacher prep? Utah State University 2005-2008 Where have you taughtContinue reading “It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: John Carlisle Edition”

Why Every Teacher Should be on Twitter

I know, I know, none of us need another social media feed, but I would like to take a minute of your time to argue why every teacher should have a Twitter account. Until a year ago, I swore I would never have Twitter. I just didn’t get it. I ignorantly thought it was justContinue reading “Why Every Teacher Should be on Twitter”