It’s in the best interest of parents to leave curriculum decisions to teachers

By Ryan Rarick Originally published as a Letter to the Editor by the St. George News, February 2022 OPINION — The 2022 session of the Utah Legislature kicked off in the middle of January. Amid the multitude of tasks the legislature hopes to accomplish before adjourning in March are a variety of education bills. TwoContinue reading “It’s in the best interest of parents to leave curriculum decisions to teachers”

What does student learning look like in your classroom?

By Kayla Towner Published by the USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team, January 2022 The moment I moved from being a second-grade teacher to a fifth-grade teacher, I fell in love with the power of technology in the classroom. After completing a professional development opportunity with Microsoft Education, I jumped in with both feet toContinue reading “What does student learning look like in your classroom?”

A Teacher Lost in the Dust

By Natalie Johnson, Monument Valley High School – Navajo Nation Published by The Educator’s Room, January 2022 I am sitting in the back of the school bus. Waves rock my body as we navigate the red sandy-washed roads. I’ve been riding in traditional yellow buses just about my whole life as a student, teacher, andContinue reading “A Teacher Lost in the Dust”

USBE: Education-Related Bills

We have a very supportive state at the Utah State Board of Education, who are interested in teacher feedback on education issues. As a Special Educator in this state, I have had the privilege of working  with Glenna Gallo, the State Director of Special Education. She is so great at making sure special education teachersContinue reading “USBE: Education-Related Bills”

Utah Teacher Turnover

The teacher shortage is a national crisis and hitting especially hard in Utah, where research is showing that over 50% of teachers are leaving the profession.I’m sure after a long day of nurturing young minds followed by a late night of grading papers and typing class newsletters, you would like nothing better than some lightContinue reading “Utah Teacher Turnover”

How to get Involved in Education Policy

Have you ever wanted to get involved in education policy, but don’t even know where to get started? I feel you. Before my fellowship with Hope Street Group, the world of politics was overwhelming, but know that I know a few basics and have made several networking connections, I know how to get my voiceContinue reading “How to get Involved in Education Policy”

Another Hoop for Utah Teachers

Have any of you read the article “Lawmakers consider creating board exam for teachers in effort to keep standards high” posted on KSL over the weekend? While I like the idea of holding all teachers to a high standard, it is seeming less and less like traditional teacher prep programs are valued. Having all teachersContinue reading “Another Hoop for Utah Teachers”

It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Audryn Damron Edition

Of course I think all (well most) Utah teachers are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, but Audryn Damron is truly one of my favorite educators. I am slightly biased because Audryn was a para-educator in my class during my beginning years of teaching. Since then, she has become a SpecialContinue reading “It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Audryn Damron Edition”

It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Amy Merritt Wood Edition

I am excited to feature Mrs. Amy Merritt Wood this week and thank her for all her hard work. I admire Amy for all of the work she does in Utah for National Board Certified Teachers. If you are looking to take your teaching practice to the next level, I would recommend becoming a NationalContinue reading “It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Amy Merritt Wood Edition”