I first heard this essay as a powerful ignite session at a Utah Teacher Fellow convening. Author, Michele Jones, has graciously agreed for her words to be published on this site. Let me introduce myself, I am Michele Jones, a 9th grade mathematics teacher, and this is my 6th year teaching. I earned my secondary... Continue Reading →

It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Amberlee Ellett Edition

Today's post is awesome-- because our featured teacher offers some excellent advice for new teachers. I'm so pumped to spotlight Amberlee Ellett today. Amber is doing incredible things in virtual education and is a great example of what teachers in very rural settings can do to not only impact education in their own community, but... Continue Reading →

It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Michelle Ormond Edition

We are pumped to feature an amazing teacher from Alpine School District today. Like many teachers, her love and commitment to her students and the profession are awe-inspiring. Read on to learn more about her career! Where did you do your teacher prep? Weber State University Where have you taught in your teaching career? American Fork High... Continue Reading →

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