Legislative Updates

What’s going on in the Utah Legislature as it relates to educational policy?

Civics 101 : The Life of a Bill

A little fuzzy on the legislative process? See the below infographic and webpage that explain how a bill is passed (or how it can die).

Senate Education Committee

*Underlined sections in the bills above indicate new additions/adjustments.

You may want to read and follow SB0114S01 Public School Curriculum Requirements closely. This is our opportunity to spread the word. Let’s share this information with others and help education in this state!

There will be time for public comment at 2 pm. If you are able to join, our voices are desperately needed.

How to Watch the Senate Education Committee Meetings:

Click here for the Senate Education Committee’s page to access the Zoom link. If you want to watch, you will click on the Participate in Virtual Meeting link near the middle/top of the page, which will appear about 15 minutes before the meeting begins. (See image below)

How to Provide Public Comment at Senate Committee Meetings:

Signing up for public comment can be scary, but it is so needed. Keep comments helpful and on point.

House Education Committee

Overview Info: House Education Committee Website

Next Meeting: Friday, Jan. 29 at 2:00

Agenda: House Education Committee 1/29 Meeting Agenda (there are links on the agenda for each bill)

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