Utah Teacher License Requirements

There has been a lot of changes and discussion around the teacher licensing requirements in Utah. It has been a hot topic with many opinions coming from teachers, administrators, and policy makers. The state is opening up this highly debated issue for public feedback. If you have ideas about the teaching licensing requirements in Utah,Continue reading “Utah Teacher License Requirements”

Utah Teacher Turnover

The teacher shortage is a national crisis and hitting especially hard in Utah, where research is showing that over 50% of teachers are leaving the profession.I’m sure after a long day of nurturing young minds followed by a late night of grading papers and typing class newsletters, you would like nothing better than some lightContinue reading “Utah Teacher Turnover”

Elevating the Teaching Profession

The General Manager of Chinese restaurant in the mall food court makes more money than I do. I have been teaching for over 9 years and consider myself an experienced and effective teacher, and was shocked when I saw a hiring sign posted at the mall, and the starting salary was more than my 6Continue reading “Elevating the Teaching Profession”

How to get Involved in Education Policy

Have you ever wanted to get involved in education policy, but don’t even know where to get started? I feel you. Before my fellowship with Hope Street Group, the world of politics was overwhelming, but know that I know a few basics and have made several networking connections, I know how to get my voiceContinue reading “How to get Involved in Education Policy”

Another Hoop for Utah Teachers

Have any of you read the article “Lawmakers consider creating board exam for teachers in effort to keep standards high” posted on KSL over the weekend? While I like the idea of holding all teachers to a high standard, it is seeming less and less like traditional teacher prep programs are valued. Having all teachersContinue reading “Another Hoop for Utah Teachers”

How to Make a Public Comment on the Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Rule

Attention teachers and community members, this is your call to action. The Academic Pathway to Teaching will become a rule on August 30th unless the board hears enough compelling comments from the public on why this is a rule will negatively affect education in our state. You can read the rule in its entirety here.Continue reading “How to Make a Public Comment on the Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Rule”

The USOE is Now the USBE

As all teachers know, there are many education acronyms. In order to talk to talk, it’s important to keep up with the professional lingo. The most recent change in terminology comes straight from the State. The Utah State Office of Education, also known as USOE, has officially changed its name to…drum-roll please…. the Utah StateContinue reading “The USOE is Now the USBE”

Every Utah Teacher Should Know Their State Superintendent, Sydnee Dickson

I have a confession. When I first started teaching I had no idea who the state superintendent was. In fact, for my first several years of teaching I had no idea who they state superintendent was. I was only aware of my school and my school administration. I had no idea there was a wholeContinue reading “Every Utah Teacher Should Know Their State Superintendent, Sydnee Dickson”

Teacher Licenses and Levels in the state of Utah

In the State of Utah there are three levels of teacher licensure. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. For a detailed explanation of the licensing process, you can refer to the Utah State Office of Education Licensing page, OR, just keep reading and I will give you basic overview. First things to know. ThereContinue reading “Teacher Licenses and Levels in the state of Utah”

Creating your first blog: the basics for a teacher blog

I am here working in Denver at a We Work office learning the basics of creating a teacher blog. Many of my amazing Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellows have incredible blogs, so I am a little late to the game. First step to creating this blog- informative training from pro-blogger, Meghan Everett. I knowContinue reading “Creating your first blog: the basics for a teacher blog”