Blogs for Teachers

There are many sources teachers can turn to for information or inspiration, and in the day and age of the internet it seems the online options are limitless. I am firm believer that the best resource for teachers is other teachers. However, that doesn’t always mean face to face conversations or structured PLCs. Many talentedContinue reading “Blogs for Teachers”

Utah Teacher License Requirements

There has been a lot of changes and discussion around the teacher licensing requirements in Utah. It has been a hot topic with many opinions coming from teachers, administrators, and policy makers. The state is opening up this highly debated issue for public feedback. If you have ideas about the teaching licensing requirements in Utah,Continue reading “Utah Teacher License Requirements”

Another Hoop for Utah Teachers

Have any of you read the article “Lawmakers consider creating board exam for teachers in effort to keep standards high” posted on KSL over the weekend? While I like the idea of holding all teachers to a high standard, it is seeming less and less like traditional teacher prep programs are valued. Having all teachersContinue reading “Another Hoop for Utah Teachers”

Presenting at an Educators Conference: just do it!

I have been teaching for over nine years year, and I still love it. However, I have found that simply being in the classroom is not enough for me anymore. I want additional challenges and I want to help more students than just those in my class. After completing my second year of teaching IContinue reading “Presenting at an Educators Conference: just do it!”

Creating your first blog: the basics for a teacher blog

I am here working in Denver at a We Work office learning the basics of creating a teacher blog. Many of my amazing Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellows have incredible blogs, so I am a little late to the game. First step to creating this blog- informative training from pro-blogger, Meghan Everett. I knowContinue reading “Creating your first blog: the basics for a teacher blog”