What does student learning look like in your classroom?

By Kayla Towner Published by the USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team, January 2022 The moment I moved from being a second-grade teacher to a fifth-grade teacher, I fell in love with the power of technology in the classroom. After completing a professional development opportunity with Microsoft Education, I jumped in with both feet toContinue reading “What does student learning look like in your classroom?”

A Teacher Lost in the Dust

By Natalie Johnson, Monument Valley High School – Navajo Nation Published by The Educator’s Room, January 2022 I am sitting in the back of the school bus. Waves rock my body as we navigate the red sandy-washed roads. I’ve been riding in traditional yellow buses just about my whole life as a student, teacher, andContinue reading “A Teacher Lost in the Dust”

We’re online, but are we connecting?

By Stephan Seabury What’s it like to teach online?  It’s sometimes like this…this right now.  You are reading my words, yet you can’t see my eyes, feel my thoughts.  I could create an eloquent soliloquy extolling the beatific and meritorious efforts being made by teachers world wide…but could anyone really get a sense of it?Continue reading “We’re online, but are we connecting?”

It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Taunya James Edition

Did any of you attend the UCET 2020 Conference? If you did, you probably saw Ms. Taunya James win the award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year for the amazing hands-on and tech experiences she provides for her 2nd grade students. Read on to learn a little more about this amazing educator. Where did youContinue reading “It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Taunya James Edition”

Rocking Distance Learning

By Taunya James When the announcement came that we were moving to distance, or online, learning; I started helping teachers around me gear up for the challenge. As our school’s Ed Tech Coach and a Second Grade teacher, I was essentially working multiple jobs with a hard deadline of two days. The coaches joined togetherContinue reading “Rocking Distance Learning”

It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Becca Proper Edition

Drum-roll, please. Today we are featuring Becca Proper, who teaches Spanish and English at Ephraim Middle School in South Sanpete School District. She teaches English AND Spanish AND she works with teens AND is a professional in a rural community– could she be any more awesome?! Read on to learn more about her. Where didContinue reading “It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Becca Proper Edition”

It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Victor Neves Edition

Wahoo! It’s your lucky day– I am spotlighting Victor Neves from WHMS in Jordan School District.  Mr. Neves Music; read on to learn more about him. Where did you do your teacher prep? at BYU. What is the greatest thing about being an educator? Seeing kids grow. What advice would you give to new teachers?Continue reading “It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Victor Neves Edition”

Teachers: A Voice that Matters

By: Austin Green  I sat looking up at the beautiful paintings sprawled across the House Floor ceiling, a rich history of the State of Utah’s legacy. Representative Steve Handy turned to me and asked for a quick summary of what Utah Teacher Fellows do. Suddenly we were standing… Representative Handy was reading the summary IContinue reading “Teachers: A Voice that Matters”

It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Michele Morgan Edition

Do you know a rock-star Special Educator? Because I sure do. It is my privilege to highlight Michele Morgan. She is a Special Educator in Granite School District. Read on to learn more about the wonderful Ms. Morgan. Where did you do your teacher prep? George Mason University What is the funniest thing a studentContinue reading “It’s Thursday-Thank a Teacher: Michele Morgan Edition”

A Civics Lesson

By: Deborah Gatrell We all have our share of problems. To solve them, we must correctly identify the root issue. If we misdiagnose, our solutions will be ineffective, or worse.  There’s been much talk about Civic Education in Utah’s halls of power recently. Our leaders are justifiably concerned about a general decrease in civic knowledgeContinue reading “A Civics Lesson”