What is UCET?

What is UCET? Why should I attend the UCET conference?

Do you have concerns or questions about attending the UCET conference? Well, I have some good news for you! You can be a general classroom teacher, special education teacher, technology specialist, administrator, or someone that just wants to learn and grow. This is the conference for you!

 UCET is the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology, but what does that really mean? “According to UCET’s mission statement, their goal is to promote the development and effective use of information technology in Utah’s educational institutions. UCET wants to provide a forum for the exchange of information in technology through conferences such as the UCET conference, meetings/workshops and publishing a newsletter. Finally, UCET wants to bring together any and ALL parties interested in the use of technology in education for the purpose of representing their varied interests to each other and to the public.”

UCET is organized into groups that support, advocate, and collaborate to help teachers grow and to share their voices.  As a means for educators’ growth and voice empowerment, UCET encourages technology use with an advocacy organization that shares success stories about educator technology usage. UCET also has grants, awards & nominationsEdcamp and UCET#utedchat, and UCET podcast. To learn more about UCET visit ucet.org

Kiera Beddes, UCET board member, provides this personal testimony about the conference experience:

UCET is more than teaching with technology. It’s all about a growth mindset and using tools to get you from where you are to where you want to go. More than any other professional development I’ve attended, UCET practices what they preach. They have a variety of sessions designed to meet a variety of learner needs. The focus is not on a passive sit-and-get, but rather an interactive learn-and-grow event. I have found that the people who attend the UCET conference are educators from all grades and content areas who are passionate, curious, and willing to learn. You won’t find a more welcoming crew. Join us!”

Kayla Towner, is a technology trainer/instructor for Utah Education Network (UEN) and a Utah Hope Street Fellow in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an audiobook fanatic (mysteries and thrillers only), a lover of all baking shows, an outdoor enthusiast, and strives to be a significant educator, not a perfect one. Follow her on Twitter @mrstowner9 or email her at ktacke28@gmail.com.

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