It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Kelly Gill Edition

When I first met Kelly, I thought she was a little timid, but boy was I wrong. Kelly Gill is a passionate educator and is someone I can count on to get things done and make things happen. I love working with her in her role as a Utah Teacher Fellow, but I am more excited to share with all of you the incredible things she does in her classroom.

Where did you do your teacher prep? Texas State University, formally known as Southwest Texas State University.

Where have you taught in your teaching career? Elgin, Texas; Round Rock, Texas; Jordan/Canyons School District, Utah.

What is the funniest thing a student has ever said? Too many to recall. Recently when I was asking my second-graders as to why they were so quiet in the hallway when they were in 1st grade, as opposed to this year. My student Claire thoughtfully informed me,  “that second-graders were just less scared.”

Kelly_Gill - Kelly Gill

What advice would you give to new teachers? Hang in there! Don’t expect to know everything by the end of your first year! It takes many years before you feel knowledgeable and comfortable as a teacher. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help…we have all walked in your shoes and most of us would love to help you!

Describe any experience you have had in education policy. I am just getting started in education policy issues through Hope Street Group. I have learned a lot about bills and I have spent a day on the hill, plus received much more training on how to engage and participate in education policy!

What’s the biggest change you would like to see in education? I am ready to see the pendulum swing back to more whole child centered teaching and less testing! I know technology has and will continue to change the landscape of the classroom.

Why did you choose to become an educator and why do you choose to stay in the profession? I always loved school and being around children. I think it was just a natural fit. I loved my educational training both in my undergraduate and master’s programs; I think that was further proof that I had chosen the right profession for myself. As far as the reason why I stay, there are many reasons: the students keep me young, I enjoy the opportunities I encounter, I have had to learn to rise to the constant challenges education brings, and I feel that I am contributing to the greater good of our children.

Anything else we should know? I am looking forward to the future of education in Utah!

Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyGillUtah as she dives deeper into the world of Utah education policy and learn from her classroom expertise!

Thanks for all you do Kelly!



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