It’s Thursday- Thank a Teacher: Kristin van Brunt Edition

Today we are excited to feature Kristin van Brunt from Davis School District. She is a veteran teacher with over 20 years experience . Her passion for learning new things and her eagerness to grow in the profession is inspiring. She is leading the charge on micro-credentials in her district and has been asked to participate on many state committees based on her reputation of being a solutions-oriented advocate for students and teachers.  Follow her on Twitter @vb_kristin and another committed teacher to your professional network.


Where did you do your teacher prep? University of Utah (Go Utes!!)

Where have you taught in your teaching career? My whole teaching career has been in Davis County. I did one year at Millcreek Junior High, and am in my 23rd year at Viewmont High School. (Go Vikings!!)

What is the funniest thing a student has ever said? His excuse for being tardy…”My dog was frozen, and I had to thaw him out.”

KvB quote

What advice would you give to new teachers? Collaborate! There are so many teachers with a wealth of knowledge and resources. Be sure you talk to them. Share ideas. Learn from them.

What is your favorite teacher resource? Other teachers. I can’t overemphasize how important it is to work with other teachers. They are experts and the vast majority of teachers are happy to share their experience.

Describe any experience you have had in education policy. Being a part of the Utah Teacher Fellows has helped me tremendously. I have learned how to advocate for my students and education in general. I feel like I now know how to make my voice heard and how to amplify the voices of other teachers.

What’s the biggest change you would like to see in education? I would love to see more respect given to teachers and public education. I think that would go a long way to improving morale and teacher retention.

Anything else we should know? Teaching is the best job in the world, and I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the youth of today. They amaze me on a daily basis.
Kristin- Thanks for being awesome and for all you do for Utah students!

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