Why Do Utah Teachers Stay? Part II

Yesterday, we shared Debbie Morgan’s story on what keeps her in the classroom. Today we are excited to share Dave Horan’s recently published post on why he was ready to quit *SPOILER* he didn’t quit! Read why:

There is nothing easy about teaching. Throughout my life, things have usually come pretty easy to me. When I was in college, classmates would comment on how I seemed to make things look effortless. I was asked why I was going into education when I could do anything I wanted. However, teaching was what I wanted. It was my calling and I wanted to make a difference. Since I have become a teacher, I’ve learned that no matter how much of a natural born teacher you are or how hard you work on your craft, it is still hard.
 During my teaching career, there have been several moments where I have wondered if I was making the difference I had hoped. Moments where I felt like I was doing the best I knew how, but it just wasn’t enough. This past year was exceptionally hard. I began to have these thoughts on a regular basis. 
 I understood that the first few years of teaching would be hard, but this was my ninth! Shouldn’t things be getting easier? After a culmination of events, I had to really stop and think about the future of my career in the classroom. Like far too many educators, I was ready to quit.


Ahh! Are you dying to find out what happened? Dave is still a teacher, find out what changed his story. You can read his full post on the Hope Street Group Medium blog.

Horan, a 4th grade teacher in Utah’s Alpine School District is a Utah Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group and NNSTOY. Follow him on Twitter @downrightdave.

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