Why Do Utah Teachers Stay? Part I

As anyone who follows education news knows, the nation is in the middle of a teacher shortage. Utah is no exception. While most seem to be focused on the difficulties facing teachers, Utah Teacher Fellows Debbie Morgan and David Horan share why they stay.

Debbie asks readers, What Keeps You in the Classroom?


Recently, a student asked me why I continue to teach. They were reading the various degrees, plaques, and certificates that were hanging on the wall beside my desk. “You could go do real science, make a lot more money, and not have to deal with us kids,” they insisted. Without hesitation, I responded, “For you!”

The Utah Education Policy Center at the University of Utah recently released a report stating that “by 2014-15, 56% of teachers who began in 2007-2008 were no longer teaching in a Utah classroom”. See http://bit.ly/uepcecaps18 to review the full report. Based on my own sixteen years of experience, I’m not surprised. You see, I tried leaving the teaching profession twice. Thankfully, I found my way back, but it wasn’t easy and now, looking back, I see several clear indicators of why I wanted to leave.

Intriguing, right? Read Debbie’s full story on her blog Lets Get Technical.

Read Dave’s story tomorrow in Part II of, Why do Utah Teachers Stay?

One thought on “Why Do Utah Teachers Stay? Part I

  1. I stay for the kids. Period. The rest of teaching: bureacracy, testing, district pressure, disrespect from Utah legislators, is hot air in the wind. I change lives.


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