Blogs for Teachers

There are many sources teachers can turn to for information or inspiration, and in the day and age of the internet it seems the online options are limitless. I am firm believer that the best resource for teachers is other teachers. However, that doesn’t always mean face to face conversations or structured PLCs. Many talented teachers have their own blogs or have created websites, and even more teachers serve as guest contributors. My friend (and a Utah teacher! Don’t be fooled by the Alabama in her bio, she recently relocated to Sugar House and is a Math Coach in Salt Lake City), Meghan Everette writes a successful blog series  for Scholastic. The teacher page on Scholastic  is a great place to find lessons, resources, and read about useful classroom tips from talented teachers (like Meg).  Her most current post is on “The What, How, and Why of Fidgets” This is a topic I can relate to as a parent and a teacher. Lately I noticed all the kids on my street playing with these spinner toys. My son of course “had to have one.” A few days letter my son’s principal sent home a letter to all families emphasizing that fidget spinners are not allowed in class. What is it with these things?


Meghan has written a whole post about spinners and other fidgets, and I contributed an awesome low cost classroom fidget solution, but you’ll have to read her article to find out what it is.

So, what do you think about teachers writing blogs or contributing to websites? Have you ever thought of sharing your expertise with a larger audience? Any thoughts on fidgets? Leave a comment below so I can visits your posts!



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