Utah Teacher Turnover

The teacher shortage is a national crisis and hitting especially hard in Utah, where research is showing that over 50% of teachers are leaving the profession.I’m sure after a long day of nurturing young minds followed by a late night of grading papers and typing class newsletters, you would like nothing better than some light reading on teacher turnover.Here are links to several studies by the U of U, Utah Education Policy Center, on our state teacher retention:

Teacher Turnover in Utah Between 2013-14 and 2014-15

Beginning Teacher Turnover in Utah Between 2008-09 and 2014-15

Teacher Retention in Utah: Exploring 2011-12 SASS and 2012-13 TFS Survey Data

Our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sydnee Dickson, said the following,

“The Utah State Board of Education’s mission is to provide an opportunity for education excellence for each Utah student. Recruiting and retaining quality teachers in the classroom is a fundamental part of that mission that supports educational equity and quality learning.”

I know we have many education advocates working on The Hill this legislative session, but we also have well meaning policymakers, who propose rules without understanding the affect on teacher morale or the classroom implications. Please reach out to your local legislators so that teacher voices are included in every discussion about education.

You can find contact information for your legislators at www.le.utah.gov



One thought on “Utah Teacher Turnover

  1. Thank you, Tabitha. This is a critical time for teacher voice. We cannot afford to remain silent.

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