How to get Involved in Education Policy

Have you ever wanted to get involved in education policy, but don’t even know where to get started? I feel you. Before my fellowship with Hope Street Group, the world of politics was overwhelming, but know that I know a few basics and have made several networking connections, I know how to get my voice heard. If you are wanting to learn about ed policy, and dig deeper into ESSA (every student succeeds act) I would recommend taking this free online training from Teach Plus. Content includes:

  • Teachers as Policy Influencers  What are the pathways for teacher impact in policy and what does it take for teachers to become bilingual in practice and policy? Understand the obstacles to making change and the strategies to succeed.
  • Policy 101 What is policy, and how is it made and changed? Who makes it, and how can teachers play a role in shaping it? Explore why policy matters and what levers teachers have to influence policy.
  • Storytelling How can teachers develop the voice needed to influence policy? Learn the power of storytelling and public narrative as tools for effective advocacy.
  • Advocacy 101 How do teachers make things happen in the complex world of policy and politics? Understand the importance of goals, relationships, root cause analysis, and power mapping.
  • ESSA How will the Every Student Succeed Act impact education?  How can teachers advocate for a smart accountability system, teacher leadership opportunities, and the reduction of duplicative assessments through this new law?

Educators everywhere are elevating the profession by sharing their expertise with policy makers. Increase your professional knowledge, by taking the time to learn about the laws, policies, and state level rules that define your career!



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