School Ambassador Fellowship

The US Department of Education School Ambassador Fellowship is the fellowship of all fellowships. There are opportunities to work from DC for a year, or complete the fellowship while still residing and working at your current location. I am lucky to have met several Ambassador fellows, and even had the chance to serve with Anna Baldwin as a Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellow, before she moved to the big leagues as a USDOE ambassador (you go girl!).


The mission of the USDOE fellowship :

The School Ambassador Fellowship is designed to improve education for students by involving educators in the development and implementation of national education policy. The Fellowship seeks to:

  • Create a community of teachers, principals, and other school staff members who share expertise and collaborate with leaders in the Federal government on national education issues.
  • Involve educators who work daily with students and teachers in developing policies that affect classrooms and school building.
  • Highlight practitioners’ voices and expand educators’ critical leadership at the national, state, and local levels.

Throughout their Fellowship year, School Ambassador Fellows collaborate as a team and with Alumni Fellows to:

  • Learn about federal education policy and ED
  • Reach out to teachers and schools in the field
  • Reflect with ED staff on the knowledge gained

This year I am happily engaged with teaching, my HSG fellowship, and grad school so I will not be applying for the USDOE ambassador program, but it is definitely on my bucket list.



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