Letter from USDOE Secretary King

Sometimes as a teacher I feel so small, and that my one voice can’t make a difference in the large world of education policy. Over the past year, as I have worked as National Teacher Fellow for Hope Street Group, I have learned that I, yes little ol’ me, can make a difference. Today I received the following email in response to a group letter I submitted:

Dear Educator, 

You may recall signing this letter from Teach Plus to U.S. Secretary of Education John King earlier this year.  The letter urged the Secretary to ensure that federal Title I dollars are used in ways that will do the most good for the students they are intended to help. To do that, federal funds need to supplement (rather than replace) state and local funds for high-need schools.  

We wanted to let you know that Secretary King heard you and he regulated on this issue in ways that are aligned with your request.  More information is available here. We also wanted to let you know that a leading member of Congress, Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, was compelled to insert your letter and signatures into the official hearing record when the U.S. House of Representatives looked at this issue at hearing this morning.  Thank you again for making your voice heard on behalf of students!

Teach Plus Policy Team

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, please continue to make your voice heard by taking this Flash Poll about what you think should be included in the new State Report Cards that will inform parents, policymakers, and the public about progress in schools. Teach Plus will share the findings with leading Governors.  

I strongly believe that if we unite as educators we can start to change the tide of the current education climate. We can empower teachers and empower our students.



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